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Climate Change:

National FoE checklist for Local Authority actions:

National FoE petition to double tree cover More detail on why at

National FoE petition on Climate Action - over 139k signatures so far. This is an EMERGENCY - so while it is an improvement the latest government pledge to seek net zero emissions by 2050 isn't good enough - UK has historical responsibility and can do much better - we need targets for 2025 and 2030 to give a lead to the world.

Reading Climate Action Network website is It gives access to Reading Climate Change Strategy, Action Plan, and opportunities for individuals, organisations and businesses.

Extinction Rebellion website is Extinction Rebellion Facebook is Extinction Rebellion Reading Facebook is

“Climate Negotiations in 81 seconds” cartoon which emphasises the importance of getting the rich, major nations to take action is

“What's Causing Global Warming” Carbon Brief animation which illustrates that only man-made emissions of greenhouse gases can account for observed global warming


Oxford-Cambridge Expressway:

No Expressway Alliance homepage

No Expressway Alliance Petition

Wildlife Trust's Expressway page



National FoE web-pages on Plastics

National FoE petition help reduce plastic oceans - over 224,000 signatures already telling the UK government that we need a new law to phase out plastic pollution

National FoE report on plastics in UK waterways River Thames - 84.1 microplastic pollutants per litre

Link to National FoE briefing Ending Plastic Pollution 2018 Briefing Already around 50 MPs have supported this call for a new law to phase out plastic pollution.

Transition Town Reading Refill Reading TTR Refill Campaign

Reading Sustainability Centre review of progress


Agriculture and Wildlife:

National FoE Agriculture Bill Petition on pesticides Already 88k signatures and rising!

National FoE Agriculture Bill Briefing on proposed clause NC11 on "Reducing the use and impacts of pesticides" All the information to write to your MP to ask for their support MP Briefing

National FoE web-pages on nature and wildlife

National FoE web-pages on environmental implications of Brexit

National FoE web-pages with in-depth material on policy and insights


National Friends of the Earth website is

Links to particular topics are:

- Climate Change

- Fracking

- Heathrow Expansion

- Clean Air


Other environmental groups in Reading:

Greater Reading Environmental Network (GREN) website is It has links to many environmental groups.


Reading Friends of the Earth links.

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Reading FoE website homepage is

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We support Save Our Ancient Riverside who have a website detailing opposition to the East Reading Mass Rapid Transit proposal, which has now been withdrawn. (ERMRT).

Our 2015-16 Campaign against M4 Widening web-page is The government has given permission for this to go ahead - in the short term traffic is slow because of lane narrowing in certain sections of the M4, in the longer term we expect traffic to rise resulting in slower journeys and more CO2 emissions than today. A presentation giving a summary of impacts on safety, climate change, congestion, air quality and noise is at Impacts of Smart M4.